System Architect

MARKOV Solutions is the free-lance company of Mark Overmeer.

With over 30 years of programming, 25 years of system administration, 20 years work experience, I have collected quite some practical knowledge. This combined with a masters degree on Computing Science enables me to guide complex projects.

I limit myself to UNIX/Linux servers in development and internet related environments. Pure Windows environments and administrative "mainframes" are not business.

Some design related problems I can help to answer are:

  • your software development process is not transparent;
  • your hardware infrastructure got silted up;
  • you need clean interfaces designed between components, like client-server communications
  • the layout of your systems need to get disentangled;
  • you wonder whether Linux may be a good alternative to Windows;
  • you need assurance that your software-house or own developers deliver up-to-standard quality (Quality Assurance)


  • Development of XML schemas, to suit company data. Amongst others, whois-xml for SIDN (2009-)
  • Design and implementation of CPAN6, a revolutionary new internet application (since 2006)
  • Development of a complex infrastructure to maintains satellite images on a set of large machines (since 2004)
  • Consultancy for the redevelopment of a large webshop, about the business model and software development process (2004)
  • Evaluation of 15 projects funded by the European Union under the flag of DESIRE2, organized by TERENA (2000)

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