MARKOV Solutions

MARKOV Solutions provides various services, such as Perl and C programming (like XML and email processing) and advice, support and maintenance for Unix/Linux systems.


MARKOV Solutions is the free-lance company of Mark Overmeer. At the moment, most of my projects relate to:

  • XML schema and WSDL design (communication interface development)
  • SOAP client and server implementations in Perl
  • Software-pathology and data-conversions

The broader view on my experience:


Existing contracts limit my availability to either a very short project full time, or long term commitments for not more than three days a week.

Price estimate: €95 per hour in case of two days of work, excluding VAT (19%). Large discounts for work at a distance and long term contracts. Also fixed price and international projects. Within the Netherlands, I use the liberal NLUUG terms of delivery.

name:  Mark Overmeer
address: MARKOV Solutions
Sweelincklaan 8, 6815 BH  Arnhem
The Netherlands¹
phone: +31-26-445 67 12
+31-6-521 758 28 (GSM)
(¹) Arnhem is 1 hour from Amsterdam and 1 hour from Duisburg (Germany)